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Business Insurance in Virginia Beach, VA

You take pride in being a business owner. And with all your responsibilities, sometimes insurance isn't top of mind. Your business is unique and your insurance coverage should be a perfect fit. Here are a few ways that Avery Insurance Agency can help protect your business.

Business Property—

Whether building or contents a loss can cause major hassles. Knowing that you're covered in these situations can help ease the anxiety they often create.
  • Contents
You depend on transportation to move your business forward. Your business could be in jeopardy when someone is injured or their property is damaged in an accident involving one of your company vehicles.
We can help you find the workers compensation coverage that best fits your company.
When you run a business, liability issues come with the territory. Depending on your situation, we can make sure you are protected with insurance against liability losses.
Your business faces a big risk with the personal information it keeps on customers, employees and others. When personal data is stolen, lost or mistakenly released your clients and others are at risk for potential identity theft. How would you respond? Would you know what steps to take to inform and protect your clientele?
Every business has liability issues to consider. Even a small accident can add up to a large loss for the most successful business.

Buy-Sell Agreement—

You know what it takes to run a successful company. But what would happen to your family, business and employees if something happen to you?

Key Man Insurance—

Every company has that one person – the star, if you will – that really drives profitability. What would happen if you lost your “star” talent? Key person insurance may help you ensure your company never has to find out.